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Alejandra Díaz de León, Dulce Adriana Luna, Drew Carson, Priyanka Narula, Marjan Jelveh Nejad.

While examining the emptiness that Pere IV creates and understanding the street’s lack of development within the dynamic urban fabric of Barcelona, the thesis concept was discovered: the void. The void not only was a physical space, but a non-physical convergence of time and usage within spaces. The citizen of the future will have the opportunity to utilize multiple or singular spaces according to their needs for as long as they need it: a booking system or a smart street hotel that creates interaction between various users and urban activities.

Through this proposal the user can interact, regenerate, and activate the street. Using the void as a reference point we maximize the potential, increase the density and diversify the space in terms of usage over time. Having adaptable interfaces among worldwide flows of data and on site interaction between the user and the street. That involves a cycle of infinite possibilities and feedback with our street, making it a mutable and always in constant flux creating and activating the urban public space.