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Power outages can greatly impact web hosting providers and data center operators. The Men Patrice Bergeron Jersey past few months has seen a fair share of web Authenitc Black Marc Savard Jersey hosting providers experiencing downtime from power outages, including ServerBeach and Equinix.hosting provider choose not to truly test their entire power infrastructure, says Mitch Gervis, CEO of NeoSpire. may simulate a power outage by doing load testing on their generator, but never actually cut the utility feed to Youth Jeremy Lauzon Jersey prove that their backup Elite Jeremy Lauzon Jersey infrastructure works as Elite Marc Savard Jersey advertised. It is a risky endeavor cutting utility power, if the systems do not work as intended, everything will go down. But how do we know that our systems will work in an emergency if we do not simulate an emergency on our terms. For years, NeoSpire has Elite Bobby Orr Jersey performed a total power failure simulation to ensure the uptime of our mission critical customers. Electric conducted a live Power Elite Black Reilly Smith Jersey Failure Simulation Test to demonstrate the responsiveness of the NeoSpire power delivery system and to certify that Youth Jeremy Lauzon Jersey the system operates as it should in the event of a 100 percent power outage.The backup power system was tested by de energizing the main distribution feeder system and shutting down the main utility feed circuit to simulate the loss of 100 percent normal power.