Areti Markopoulou: Architect graduated from the Department of Architectural Engineering of Xanthi, DUTH (2005) in Greece. She holds a Masters in Advanced Architecture from IAAC (2006) with a related thesis in the field of ¨Prototypes of Urbanity: from Bits to Geography¨. She has also studied at the Architectural Association, AA in London (Dlab 2009) and she holds a Fab Academy diploma on Digital Fabrication (2011) offered by the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms. Her research explores how Energy, Information and Fabrication could lead to optimum future city models, where technology and users play a protagonist role in the production of more efficient and responsive habitats that could adapt to our behavioral changes over time. She has participated in IAAC research projects such as ¨Hyperhabitat_ Reprogramming the World¨at the Venice Biennale (2008),¨Fab Lab House¨in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2010 and ¨Fabrication Laboratory¨ in the Design Hub of Barcelona (DHUB). She is permanent faculty at IAAC and has published articles internationally. Her practice includes collaborations with several offices and firms such as R+B architects, BOPBAA, MMA Architects, Azymuth, BR and more. She is currently the Director of R+D at IAAC in Barcelona and initiator of Fab Lab Greece.

Tomas Diez: Currently the Director of the Digital Fabrication Laboratory “Fab Lab Barcelona”, located at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) in Barcelona, Spain Tomas Diez holds a Bachelor of Urban Planning and Sociology/ Universidad Simon Bolivar in Caracas Ð Venezuela, a Master in Advanced Architecture /IaaC, a Graduate on Social Organization program / University of Havana Ð Cuba and a Diploma on Digital Fabrication by Fab Academy Program / MIT Center for Bits and Atoms. He has participated in social and technological projects in Latin America and Europe, such as rehabilitation plans for marginal areas of Caracas, digital manufacturing installation Hyper-habitat /XI Venice Architecture Biennale, the digital manufacturing to the Fab Lab House / Solar Decathlon Europe 2010, and most recently in the Fab Lab Lima project. Tomas is Co-Director of the program Fab Labs and Informalism, an international research program that pursues the relation between the personal fabrication and the immediate production of reality in informal conditions. Tomas is as permanent tutor of the Fab Academy Diploma in Barcelona. Fab Academy program coordinator, offered by the worldwide network of Fab Labs. He investigates the use of digital fabrication tools to transform reality, and is in search a more fluid language between machines and humans. Relates the conscious and unconscious actions of humans with the production of reality, and how the use of new technologies can change the way we consume, produce and relate with each other.

Rodrigo Rubio: Architect / EscuelaPolitécnica de Madrid (ETSAM), first prize at the Selfsufficient Building International Contest, and master degree in Advanced Architecture in 2006. Since then, Rodrigo Rubio has been leading several research projects at IAAC such as the Albacete Effect, the Hyperhabitat Venice Bienale, or the Solar Decathlon Europe FabLabHouse. He founded with Daniel Ibáñez the MaRGeN architectural office at Madrid in 2005, inside the FreshMadrid platform, focused on landscape and selfsufficiency issues and awarded with several prizes at national and international competitions. Nowdays he is directing the Projects Office at IAAC from where the recently finished Endesa Pavilion was developed.

Maite Bravo: Architect with honors at the University of Chile, Master of Advanced Architecture at IAAC; and Master in Theory and Practice of Architectural Design at UPC. She is currently a PHD European Doctor candidate at UPC (Architectural Design Department),  focusing on new design methodologies and concepts emerging from Parametric Digital Design and its immersion into architectural praxis. Her teaching experience includes the University of Chile, BCIT (Canada), and IAAC (Barcelona). She was a lecturer at the First Parametric Design Seminar at HTWK Leipzig, the Festival of Architecture of Canada, first parametric workshop at METU, and several Universities in Chile. She has over 10 years of experience practicing as an associate architect with GBL architects in Canada, later establishing her own firm.

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